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Branding | Creative Design

Your Brand will be handled by talented and creative artists, following disciplined guidelines that will give you a timeless advantage over your competition. Logos, Marks and Style Guide included in all branding campaigns is a standard.

How Image Ready is your Company?

Images are created with your brand incorporated and a full campaign planned out. Hundreds of quality images shot and digitally manipulated to be used in many areas of the web and in print. 300 DPI for use in any application needed. You’ll use these for many years to come. You will be able to use them in your print ads, web pages, digital signs and much more. There are no limits.

Commercial Video

Full 4K motion picture captured professionally with a plan to use on all platforms and social medias. Full Definition two and three camera shooting, the use of Drones and 360° aspect cameras giving your digital video warehouse a real boost to success. Full and half day pricing available. Your videos will be ready for use in Social Media, Website(s), and digital signage. Fully edited and changeable as your business grows.

Web Development

Your Web presence and how it is delivered is the most influential tool in your marketing arsenal. A responsive website, branded social media sites, and email Campaigns templates will have your brand throughout the US and the World. Your website will also be able to control your digital signage.

Digital Marketing

Your web presence through your website, branded social media, Pragmatic and Targeted Marketing, and email Campaigns are some of the specialized tools that we incorporate in your schedule. Digital marketing is very cost effective with paid-short term and long term organic results guaranteeing your return of Investment.

Digital Signage

Honview’s full service solution has many different options to fit every budget. Our staff will consult with you on what your needs are then suggest the best possible solution. After 30 years in the display and image field we are prepared to give you solid suggestions to suit your needs without breaking the bank. Our intuitive software & content design makes your brand pop in any situation. With full access to all of your signs through your website you’ll be able to change them on the “FLY”. As your ideas grow all of your contact with your customers will change also.

our strategy

90% of Life is just Showing Up…

Branding & Design

Our Creative director will help you to your mission and vision goals. Honview Corp has a few of the best designers in Hawaii and Arizona with over 30 years of experience in Branding & Marketing.

Photo & Video

You are in great hands with your photo and video asset creation. We will keep all of your digital media in line with your vision.

Digital Marketing

Your brand needs to get out there to the people that are in need of your product and services. Let us help you with that. We’re good at it.


Professional Photography The art form of “light writing” has progressed through the last couple centuries to be the “First Impression” on a person. You can usually tell if a product or service will sell by looking at it’s photography. Whether it is for personal or for commercial use “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Where time nor place will inhibit it’s message to the viewer. Honview tries to capture the essence of what is trying to be accomplished for a client, from a simple head shot to the shooting of a line of vehicles for an up and coming article in a magazine. The feel and mood of an image in any advertising will either capture an audience or leave them to the side. It is our promise to you the potential client that we will do everything in our power to bring out the best in what you are trying to accomplish. With over 28 years in the professional photography field we guarantee the success of our images. Capturing the mood and the moment isn’t just luck it’s a creation. Professional photographers spend their lives perfecting their craft. Just owning a nice camera is not enough. Knowing what and how to shoot it is just as important.

Branding & Graphic Design

While establishing your brand or creating a new a brand that embodies your identity, philosophy, operations, etc., the Honview Team will additionally add a selection of professional photography, content, printing and publishing services that further evoke an active response from the public to accommodate the clients market objective; attracting attention to your brand, creating and retaining a customer base. This will increase customer spending; which will increase your bottom line and market share. Having developed several in-house and client publications, Honview can offer its client’s cost-effective digital media solutions to further enhance their market penetration, promoting the clients services and products effectively through several different mediums and placing the clients brand where it is assured to generate the greatest influence. Honview  is insistent about more than just getting you to look good; it is their firm objective and mission to provoke people to take action on your behalf. Colors, typography, photography and visual ergonomics all play an important role in creating a dynamic campaign. Your company needs attraction in order to survive in the competitive arena. Honview is here to provide that service. Powerful visual communication, the basis for an exceptional business. Why settle for graphics that just get a message across? Captivate your clientele with exquisite art that takes their breath away. Honview will help your business, big or small, get your mission accomplished, while promoting a sense of professionalism that is above all the rest. Why settle for second, when you can have the most dynamic graphics that open new doors, and improve your business relationship with your current as well as prospective clients. Visualize the future, and we’ll help take you there. Go ahead, and settle for the best. A Website’s design is the first look into your business. The design not only has to look good but also has to incorporate navigation and image movements to attract the customer and to entice them to continue to explore your site. Honview Corp designs websites that work with the simplicity and workability that most web surfers demand. It’s not enough to have a fresh look, it has to work and be logical with the rest of the site. You will receive up to three completely different strategies for your look. Branding and specific styles are all apart of what we will work with. Corporate entities and the small restaurant owner alike will feel comfortable knowing that their site makes the best use of their company’s image.


You are in great hands with your photo and video asset creation. We will keep all of your digital media in line with your vision.

Digital Development

Website, Social Media, Mobile Apps. We build everything that goes onto the web.

Digital Marketing

Your brand needs to get out there to the people that are in need of your product and services. Website SEO, Social Media, Email Campaigns, also pragmatic campaigns and targeted campaigns will get the results you need today. Let us help you. We’re good at it.

Digital Signage

Connecting your plan on the website with your digital signs is our specialty. DEID is a new and exciting way to keep up with your website attention and connections and the POP displays in your shop. ROI of an LED Sign ROI = 46% for a Programmable LED Sign/Display  – it yields the highest results compared to other marketing mediums Survey says the it’s the most effective advertising method A group of business owners had introduced a programmable LED sign in their offices recently. This group was surveyed to obtain details of exactly what attracted new customers to their business. Majority of the owners pointed out that word of mouth was what was most effective as compared to any other advertising method. However, there were other opinions for businesses that had electronic message centers. From 12000 firms surveyed, 46% of first time customers for a particular company said that it was the signage that convinced them to come in. According to the Small Business Administration of USA, electronic message centers are not only the best but also the most cost effective method of paid advertising. These electronic message centers allow business owners to experience an increase in turnover from 15% to a whopping 150%! 46% Programmable LED Sign 37%  Word of Mouth   8%  Newspaper 6%  Yellow Pages 2%  Radio 1%  Television INCREASE YOUR BUSINESS BY AS MUCH AS 150% According To The U.S. Small Business Administration: Electronic message centers are not only the best but also the most cost effective method of paid advertising. Source: SBA EXAMPLE  – A small business generating $1,000/day in revenue adds an electronic message center, the business soon increases by 15%, adding another $150/day in revenue. Assuming the business is open only 6 days/week: Additional Revenue: $900 /week  |  $46,800 / year Benefits of an electronic message board… With an LED message board, a business has a lot of flexibility in the messages displayed. Not only is it the most cost effective form of paid advertising but with it comes the benefit of displaying an infinite number of messages and editing every message as and when required. Furthermore, different messages can be displayed at different times of the day so as to better target the correct audience and to market products and services within the right target area. These signs can act as a company’s ‘salesman’ on the streets and can give your business site a quick “brand”. Also, because the message board is electronic, attractive logos, images and videos can be displayed in order to better promote the company’s products and services. Maximum value for money… Consistent touches with your audience and ‘cost per thousand exposures’ are the critical deciding factors in selecting an advertising medium for your business. Your business is geared toward a higher standard and your select clientele is unique. Based on this, it is proven that besides electronic message display, no other advertising method is more effective. For instance, imagine you invest $15,000 to purchase an electronic message center. Keeping in mind that you could use this for approximately 11 years, the average cost per day for this new investment would be $3.70. By studying a traffic analysis report, you find out that 10,000 vehicles are driving by you business on a daily basis. Using this calculation, the cost per thousand exposures would be below $0.37, which is definitely much less than any other media form today!  Your digital signage is indoors on your property so you are cashing in on the membership that is already there or guests that are trying to decide if they want to join or the happy couple that is trying to decide whether to use your property for their event. It takes 10+ touches on a potential client in order to get them to buy. $0.37  LED Signs  $5.47  Radio ads. per 1000 exposures $6.26 Television ads. per 1000 ads.  $7.39 Cost on average for Newspaper ads. Web Application Development MEMBER ACCESS: The members need access to entering into tournaments and their scores throughout the month. Once the member has registered to play they will have a profile. They will be able to enter their scores, Upload images and see their standing once the tournament is completed ADMIN ACCESS: The administration of the scores and setting up tee times for the tournament will be possible.  Member Tournament Profiles may be corrected and administered through the CMS. Administrators will have control of all displays on one system Capable of adding and deleting images, Changing ads on any display and entering the names of the guests that use a certain room

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